Pratik Shah

CEO - Mastermindsports

“Pratik has more than 15 years of experience building software technology products. Working at the intersection of mobile, sports, gaming and technology, Pratik has founded 3 startups over the past 8 years. Currently building next-generation online gambling platforms for the emerging markets.”

“Pratik worked for 7 years with Subex helping telcos worldwide identify and prevent frauds through their flagship Fraud Management product suites – initially as part of the technology team and then as Product Manager. Pratik co-founded Pingaala in 2011 building a SaaS platform for news media publications to create self-branded native mobile apps. Anticipating a latent need for sports fans to interact with their favorite sports – cricket, in 2013 founded & launched Matchup Cricket – a real-time social cricket prediction game with more than 10 million predictions in a short space of time. With Mastermind Sports, 2015, after a couple of pivots zeroed on the Sports Betting space and is excited about entertaining and enhancing the thrill of gaming to sports fans across the world. He loves traveling solo, being amidst nature & mentoring young professionals in the field of computer science.”